What's Included

Overview:  This exciting event is about 90 minutes long and includes a short introduction to fossils, sharing some of my rarest finds, and plenty of time looking for fossils.

Details:  I arrive at your event with 5-gallon bucket(s) filled with matrix (dirt and sand) and fossils of all kinds as well as a portion of my extensive fossil collection.  I bring my own tables and plastic coverings.  I can set up everything either indoors or outside.

I provide a short introduction and share some of my rare finds including a 5" megalodon tooth, a complete shark's jaw including teeth, and several real dinosaur bones.

The children will have plenty of time to find fossils.  These fossils are much different than the shark's teeth found in the surf. They are real fossils between 5 and 24 million years old from a dried sea bed in the tri-State area.

Throughout the event, I assist children in identifying and learning about the fossils they find in an educational and humorous way. 

Large posters are also on display that can be used to identify the kind of fossil that was found.

Children keep everything they find. Fossils include shark and whale bone, dolphin teeth, and sharks teeth of varying size and species. 

A typical party offers over 250 real fossils that can be found.
Electronic copies of a fossil identification sheet and 6-page fossil word puzzles, games, etc. is provided to you prior to the event for printing and handing out as you choose.

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